2020 “Health Initiative Of The Year Award”

We are proud to have received this award as the first and only company in Turkey.
– Ömer Özkan, CEO – ENBIOSIS

Educatıon just got bıologıcal

Kriteera & Enbiosis together for the future of education

Kriteera joins forces with the successful Biotech initiative Enbiosis. With this partnership, learning process will go beyond classrooms.

mıcrobıome analysıs

Personalized Nutrition Guide for you, and you only.

Your microbiome world is unique and plays an important role in your body’s response to nutrients. For this reason, a food that is beneficial to a person may not be the one for you. With the Personalized Nutrition Guide, you can learn the foods that suit you best.

01. What is the microbiome? Why the analysis?

The microbiome is a concept that encompasses all microorganisms, genomes, genome products, and environmental impacts in a defined habitat. Your unique microbiome is responsible for how you respond to a certain food. Therefore, each person’s metabolic response to the same food is different. Microbiome analysis is required to create a personalized nutrition program for you.

02. What is a personalized nutrition guide?

The vast majority of our microbiome is composed of bacteria. The distribution and diversity of our bacteria is critical in the balance of the microbiome. Your personalized nutrition guide will tell you what you should eat at what amount and what you should avoid or shouldn’t exceed a certain amount. Shortly, you will know the food that fits best to you, and only you.

03. Advantages of a balanced microbiome

*Contact to get more information on the product and to view scientific evidences that point out the relation between a healthy microbiome environment and the advantages listed above.


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  • Microbiome Diversity
  • Taxonomic Analysis
  • Gut Scores
  • Close Profiles
  • Notable Microorganisms
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Food Scores


Here’s Your Food!

We will ask you to enrich these nutrients in your diet.

Foods that are okay!

We will ask you to consume these foods in a balanced and varied way in your diet.

Foods You Should Avoid!

We will ask you to consume these foods less in your diet.



What our clients say

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear what our customers have to say!

We limited some nutrients to my diet. I’m still in the process now, and psychologically I can’t remember the last time I saw myself in a such a calm period. First I want to thank my psychologist, and then I want to thank Enbiosis. 

I met Enbiosis by my dietitian’s suggestion. After my microbiome analysis results came in, we managed the process not by diet but by following the nutrition guide specific to me. I’ve shelved all the diets I have ever practiced and changed my eating habits with food that’s good for me.