During the coronavirus outbreak, it has been an absolute necessity to look for alternative ways to reach out students. Video conferences seem to have achieved this important mission through connecting them to teachers so they won’t miss out a class. However, is what we do in schools just about giving a lecture and that’s all? Nope.

Actually this approach may even confuse parents and students as well as other individuals in society that education in schools is not necessarily vital if possible remotely. Well, they have the right to think this way when we don’t provide them with the idea that there are no sides in this job. Institutions and teachers need to make the best use of all the ways possible to get their way to student’s achieving learning objectives and properly track their performance. So, instead of convincing anyone on what’s best or what matters, just let the actions do the job. For that, you will need data.

What’s more, this huge responsibility to collect data, keep track of student performance and come up with the best suggestions for them besides lecturing; just cannot be loaded on teachers’ shoulders. Why not?

It’s simple. As teachers should keep track of their students, institutions should keep track of their teachers and if society needs more great teachers, school boards will need to take some of the load from teachers and let smart systems or platforms do the job resulting in teachers focusing on their lectures along with their own personal and vocational skills.

Finally, individual success may carry a team in NBA, however in education, we need participation from all components in achieving a common goal: Success in improving society starting from one’s own.

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