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Still using video conferencing platforms of some companies? Why not have it on your own domain and with your logo and colors? Have your meetings on your platform anymore!

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Style and speed

No need to use other companies’ video conferencing services anymore.

“Have your own customizable, prestigious and fully secure video conferencing platform for the meetings between you and your clients or your students.”

Use your own logo and colors under your own domain.
No sign-up required, no configuration, no tech-skills needed. Simply buy and let us do the rest for you!

Awesome Features

Have many exclusive features on your video conferencing platform including video quality manager, speaker stats, screen sharing, video sharing, live streaming, 40 languages and more!

Fully Secure

Your video conferencing platform will be on one and only server that only belongs to you. Each room is with a different name, which makes it impossible to be tracked. You can protect even more by setting a password.

Faster Connections

Since your server will only be used by you and no one else, this will give you the power of faster connections.


Have your meetings with your clients, partners, customers or students on a platform that is yours and with your logo, colors and under of course your domain name. Show them how prestigious your business is!


Imagine a video conferencing platform of your own. Now you can have it!
Explore the special features of your video conferencing platform today.

Your Logo, Colors & Domain

The meeting application will be on your own domain name and with your logo and colors in it.

Claim your credentials now and see for yourself!

Speaker Statistics

See who’s the dominant speaker in your meetings.
Perfect for time management.

Claim your credentials now and see for yourself!

Screen / Video Share

Easily share your entire screen, windows or chrome tabs. Plus, share a Youtube video during meetings. The video will fit perfectly in the meeting room. It’s never been so easy!

Claim your credentials now and see for yourself!

Mobile Compatibility

Don’t miss out a meeting! Easily connect to your meetings on your mobile browser. Use it on any device from browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.

Claim your credentials now and see for yourself!

Pricing for everyone

Our pricing is scalable to your business needs so as to make sure you pay exactly for what you need. Nothing more or less.

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All plans include

Per annum
10 participant?
3 Concurrent Sessions?
Youtube Live Streaming
Upload to Dropbox
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Per annum
30 Participants?
10 Concurrent Sessions?
Youtube Live Streaming
Upload to Dropbox
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Pricing FAQ

Do you offer a trial period?

We do have for you to see and try the platform. Click here to start your free trial. Since we customize the product only for you, we, unfortunately, cannot offer a trial period for customized products. Yet, you are still welcomed to try on until you decide to buy. So contact us now and get your login credentials to see for yourself!

Do I need to own a server at my organization?

You don’t need to own a server of your own. We provide a server dedicated to your organization and no other organization is able to use the same server you will be using, which makes your connections faster & safer and this is also included in the price. On the other hand, If you have your own servers and want your white label video conferencing platform run on your servers, that’s also fine. We can even get you up to 30 % discount in that case.

Is the meeting host included in participation limit?

The number of participants is restricted according to the selected plan. In the same room, no more participants than specified, except the meeting host, can participate in the meeting.

Is there a restriction on the number of simultaneous meetings?

There is no restriction on the maximum number of simultaneous rooms specified. It is expressed as the maximum number of rooms that the capacity of the server we will install exclusively for you can handle. In some cases, you may have the opportunity to conduct your conversations in more rooms than specified.

What if I need more simultaneous rooms? Can I have a bigger server?

If you need more than 10 simultaneous rooms specified in the Custom Full package, ask for a price. If you need more than the participant limit, you can upgrade to a higher package or reach a wider audience by using the live broadcast feature.

Can I live stream and record at the same time?

It can be used to record or live broadcast in only 1 room simultaneously. You can send your special request for more or we can direct you to take advantage of free and easy-to-use 3rd party applications for these features and draw tool feature.

Which browsers are supported on desktop?

You can make calls on desktop and laptop computers using either Chrome, Firefox or Chromium browsers. It is recommended to use the Chrome browser for the best connection and to turn off the microphone and / or video when it is not needed.

Mobile Compatibility ?

When connecting from a mobile browser, you may need to request a desktop site from your browser settings. iPhone branded phones are connected only through the Safari browser.

Can I get a mobile application as well?

The application works with mobile features in the specified mobile browsers. However, if Custom Android and IOS mobile application service is requested; Installation fee is charged as $2950 + VAT per application.

Do I pay monthly or annually?

Stated prices are monthly. You will get discounts if you prefer to pay annually, please contact to see annual discounted pricing.

Is VAT calculated in the price?

The stated prices do not include 18 % VAT.

Do you offer any other discounts?

We offer discounts for annual plans, too. Please contact to view annual pricing plans.

Can I cancel anytime?

No contract. You can cancel anytime you want. In that case, the domain, hosting and the video conferencing application will be destroyed.

More questions?

Contact our customer team, we’re here to help.

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